Growing up

Something BLUE WORKSHOP 2018

We took an hiatus because we wanted to change the dates of the workshop. The previous edition happened in October so when we decided to change the dates to March we had to skip a year or risk saturation.

We took the extra time to create something a bit bigger. It was no longer just us.

We invited some of the biggest references in Portugal to come and speak at our little workshop and had the following rooster: Videoart, Pixel and FullCut.

We didn’t want to promote a serious environment by being in an auditorium or conference room so we hosted it in… a bar.

We maxed out at 40 participants, the room literally couldn’t fit one more person.

That year the workshop lasted for three days, split between conferences and practical workshops. Every attendee could choose from one of the speakers workshops.

Check out some of the stuff that was created during those days, and remember: what happens in Guimarães, stays in Guimarães!

Pictures taken by our dear friends from Arte Magna & The Framers.